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About Us

An AI-focused Incubation Team in Hong Kong Science Park

Jedies Advance team has been working with multinational companies in optimizing workflows by adopting new AI solutions.

With our AI-powered solutions, we have successfully helped clients from industries below in saving operation costs and creating more business from new areas.

  • Finance and Insurance Industry
  • Luxury Retail Industry
  • Tourism Industry


Our development service covers a range of aspects including,

Data Analytics

Automated Bots

NLP Interpreter

Opinion Summarizing Bots

Cutting-edge Frameworks

Timely Development

Why choose us?

Proprietary AI engine

Jedies Advance Team has developed a range of own customizable AI engines serving different customer needs. The patent application is undergoing for some of them

Integrity and Privacy

Professional ethics and data security are our top priority. Insisting on building our own library for mission-critical modules is our best effort to protect our clients

Rich Experience, Regional Perspective

Jedies Team has more than seven years of experience in developing and deploying smart IT solutions for regional offices of multi-national corporations






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Hard Workers

Let us help rejuvenate your business

Our A.I. specialized consulting team will help understand your needs and propose a tailor-made plan for your business transformation

Case Study 1: An insurance company in China

Previously the operation team has encountered a problem in summarizing latest news related to their products and prepare talking points for their sales team in a timely manner.

We provided a solution combining a news scrapping bot collecting news for the company regularly and an interpretation engine to filter and summarize the most related news for their sales team. The system is now "collecting and reading" hundreds of news every day.

Case Study 2: A retail chain store in Hong Kong

Pricing and Inventory are always keys for retail business in Hong Kong. While a majority of retail stores will send "price matching" team to collect the pricing scheme of their competitors and make estimation on inventory level based on gut feeling, errors may sometimes be costly.

We have helped to build an automated engine to collect the pricing data of key retail players and make predictive reports based on numerous factors like weather for our client. The engine is now comparing hundreds of SKUs every minute generating reports for the management automatically with the most up-to-date data.

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